Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dhani Jones is officially the coolest NFL Player EVER

Dhani Jones is a renaissance man. He writes, paints, plays music, and plays pro football.

Plus! He rides his bike to work everyday!

Dhani is Bengals' thinking man
Linebacker's varied and eclectic interests make him a field apart from most NFL players


For the first two weeks of his life, Dhani Makalani Jones didn't have a name.
His father, Samuel, a Navy commander, and mother, Nancy, an anesthesiologist, wanted to become acquainted with the newborn before choosing a title that suited him. They found him so similar to the Auguste Rodin sculpture atop Samuel's desk that they named their son after "The Thinker."

Twenty-nine years later, the moniker still rings true. Dhani ("thinking man" in Hindi) Makalani ("skilled in writing" in Polynesian) may just be one of the most eclectic - and eccentric - personalities on the Bengals' roster.

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