Friday, December 28, 2007

The Church of Stop Shopping!

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Statement of Belief :

: Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir believe that Consumerism is overwhelming our lives. The corporations want us to have experiences only through their products. Our neighborhoods, "commons" places like stoops and parks and streets and libraries, are disappearing into the corporatized world of big boxes and chain stores. But if we "back away from the product" - even a little bit, well then we Put The Odd Back In God! The supermodels fly away and we're left with our original sensuality. So we are singing and preaching for local economies and real - not mediated through products -- experience. We like independent shops where you know the person behind the counter or at least - you like them enough to share a story.We ask that local activists who are defending themselves against supermalls, nuke plants, gentrification -- call us and we'll come and put on our "Fabulous Worship!" Remember children... Love is a Gift Economy! — The Rev

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Travel IQ

What is your Travel IQ ??

Check Here!

Be careful. It's totally addictive. Apparently I'm a troglodyte in terms of global geography. My IQ is 103.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Evel Knievel Dies at 69

CLEARWATER, Fla. - Evel Knievel, the hard-living motorcycle daredevil whose jumps over Greyhound buses, live sharks and Idaho's Snake River Canyon made him an international icon in the 1970s, died Friday. He was 69.

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Are these ladies worth the dough?

OK. These women are the highest paid in Hollywood. When I saw this list this morning I realized that I don't actually like any of them. I don't think I would specifically go see a movie just because any actress or actor was in a lead role. Do people actually do that?

1. Reese Witherspoon — $15 million-$20 million
2. Angelina Jolie — $15 million-$20 million
3. Cameron Diaz — $15+ million
4. Nicole Kidman — $10 million-$15 million
5. Renee Zellweger — $10 million-$15 million
6. Sandra Bullock — $10 million-$15 million
7. Julia Roberts — $10 million-$15 million
8. Drew Barrymore — $10 million-$12 million
9. Jodie Foster — $10 million-$12 million
10. Halle Berry — $10 million

from The Hollywood Reporter

What are they saying?

I played this for my cats and they seemed to like it. I wish I knew cat speak.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Delicious Brownie Recipe

Here is my family's brownie recipe. I think the directions are very simple and easy to follow. The key is to not cook too long.

12 TBS butter (1 1/2 sticks)
4 squares unsweetened chocolate
2 c sugar
4 eggs
1 1/4 C flour
1 TSP salt
1 TSP baking powder
2 TSP vanilla

Heat oven to 350
Spray 9x13 baking pan with Pam

Set aside sugar
Measure and mix flour salt & baking powder in small bowl
Beat 4 eggs in small bowl

Melt butter & chocolate in saucepan over low heat stirring to blend
Add sugar, blend well
Add eggs, blend well
Add flour mixture, blend well
Add vanilla, blend well
Optional: Add 1/2-1 C nuts, blend well
Using a spatula, scrape mixture into baking pan making sure it is evenly distibuted.
Put the pan in the middle to upper part of a hot oven and bake for about 20 - 25 minutes. Remove from oven when the sides of the brownies just start to come away from the pan. Cool until manageable and cut into serving size pieces.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Beertini

Beertini Recipe

What you'll need:

martini glass
olive juice to taste

1. Pour beer in martini glass.
2. Add olive(s).

Tip Toe Through the Tulips - Ukulele

"Tiptoe Through the Tulips" by Al Dubin and Joe Burke

Verse 1:
[C]Tiptoe [A7]by the [F] window [G7]
By the [C]window [E7]
That is [F]where I'll [Fm]be,
Come [C]tiptoe [A7]through the [F]tulips [G7]
With [C]me [A7] [F] [G7] [C]

Verse 2:
[C]Tiptoe [A7]from your [F]pillow [G7]
To the [C]shadow [E7]
Of the [F]willow [Fm]tree,
And [C]tiptoe [A7]through the [F]tulips [G7]
With [C]me [C7]

[Dm7]Knee deep
In [Em]flow[Cdim]ers [G7]we'll [A7]stray
[B7]We'll keep
The [Em]sho[Cdim]wers a[G7]way.

[A7]And [D7]if [G7]I...

Verse 3:
[C]Kissed you [A7]in the [F]garden [G7]
In the [C]moonlight [E7]
Would you [F] pardon [Fm]me?
Come [C]tiptoe [A7]through the [F]tulips [G7]
With [C]me [A7] [F] [G7] [C]

Dhani Jones is officially the coolest NFL Player EVER

Dhani Jones is a renaissance man. He writes, paints, plays music, and plays pro football.

Plus! He rides his bike to work everyday!

Dhani is Bengals' thinking man
Linebacker's varied and eclectic interests make him a field apart from most NFL players


For the first two weeks of his life, Dhani Makalani Jones didn't have a name.
His father, Samuel, a Navy commander, and mother, Nancy, an anesthesiologist, wanted to become acquainted with the newborn before choosing a title that suited him. They found him so similar to the Auguste Rodin sculpture atop Samuel's desk that they named their son after "The Thinker."

Twenty-nine years later, the moniker still rings true. Dhani ("thinking man" in Hindi) Makalani ("skilled in writing" in Polynesian) may just be one of the most eclectic - and eccentric - personalities on the Bengals' roster.

More here

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Owl Orphans

A group of orphaned baby owls snuggle up to a cuddly toy which has become their surrogate mum after they were found on the brink of death in the wild.

The tiny tawny owl chicks burrow in under the fluffy toy's wings to keep warm after they were separated from their own mothers.

The chicks, all aged between just four and eight weeks, faced certain death as they fended for themselves alone in the wild but are now recovering in an animal hospital

From the Daily Mail - UK -

Read the article here!

Bears Win!

I know it's Tuesday already but I am still impressed by this.

Being a bears fan might shorten my life. I was convinced I was going to have a heart attack while watching the fourth quarter.

Chile Rellenos Recipe

Too Many Chefs is one of my favorite food blogs. There are always great pictures and interesting stories to accompany the easy to understand recipes.

Here is a recipe for Chile Rellenos that I found on Too Many Chefs.

Serves two as a main dish
4 poblano peppers
4 ounces chihuahua cheese, shredded - amount varies with size of peppers
4 eggs
pinch of salt
1 cup of flour
1 tablespoon flour additional
enough vegetable oil to fill a skillet 1/2" - 3/4" deep
1 cup your favorite red tomato based salsa
1 cup your favorite marinara sauce
more shredded chihuahua cheese to top
two tablespoons crema, or creme fraiche or sour cream

You'll also want a paper bag and some toothpicks.

When you purchase your poblanos, try to find some that are smoother and have no deep folds. These folds are difficult to blister, and may cause some skin to be left on the pepper.

First, we need to remove the skins from the peppers. Rick Bayless recommends frying the skins off, but I prefer to blister them directly on a gas burner. Hold the pepper directly over the gas fire (not with your hand, obviously - try tongs or set them on a cooling rack that's sitting on the burner). Get every side of the peppers blistered and black.

Put the peppers in the paper bag and close the top. The steam from the insides of the peppers will loosen the skin. When they've cooled to merely warm (about ten minutes later), take the peppers out and scrape the skin off using a blunt knife (like a butter knife). If you've done it right, just about all the skin will just slide off easily.

Make a slit about two inches long in the in one side of each pepper, being careful not to cut through to the other side or to slitting the tip.

Reach in with a finger and pry out all the seeds that cluser like a chandelier along the stem on the inside. Rinse the pepper to remove the seeds you've loosened. Dry the pepper and let it drain on paper towels, slit down.

After a few minutes, stuff each pepper with as much shredded cheese as each will hold comfortably. Try not to tear the slit any wider than it already is. Use toothpicks to pull the slit closed.

Separate your eggs into whites and yolks, dropping the whites in a large metal or glass bowl. Add a pinch of salt to the whites and beat them on medium until you get firm peaks. Add two yolks to the whites and beat them until they're well incorporated. Add the final two yolks and beat them until thy are well incorporated also. Finally, add the one tablespoon of flour and beat it into the mix.

Spread a cup of flour on a plate or in a pie tin.

Heat the oil in a skillet until shimmering hot, but not smoking.

Take each pepper and roll it in the flour, and lightly shake the excess off. Dip the floured pepper in the fluffy batter, covering well, and let the excess drain for a second or two before transferring the pepper to the oil. Continue with the rest of the peppers.

As the peppers fry, use a spoon to baste the top side with the hot oil to help set the batter. In about three to four minutes, when the down side of the pepper is golden brown and delicious, GENTLY flip the pepper using the stem and a spatula to control the flip. Always flip away from you so you don't get spattered with hot oil. Fry them until the second side is golden brown and delicious and remove the peppers to a plate covered with paper towels to drain.

Combine your marinara and salsa in a microwave-safe bowl. Put the bowl in your microwave, cover the top with a paper towel loosely to reduce spatters, and nuke on high for one minute.

Turn on your broiler.

Place the peppers on an aluminum foil covered cookie pan. Spoon about two tablespoons of sauce on each pepper, and cover lightly in cheese. Place the peppers under the broiler for 90 seconds to two minutes until the cheese is lightly browned and crispy.

Remove the toothpicks from the peppers.

Put 1/2 the sauce on each plate and serve two peppers to each person, slit down. Spoon the crema on top of the peppers sparingly. The usual pinto beans and rice sides go well with this dish, but some garlicky greens would be an even better accompaniment.

Here is another neat recipe.

Pics are included!

Monday, November 26, 2007

mikey with a hat

Here is baby Mikey looking something like a character from Dr. Seuss.

Moebius Transformations Revealed

watching this movie made everything clear to me. the classical music and pretty colors are also very nice.